Dec 22, 2009

Mexico City likes to keep it Gay

As of yesterday -December 21st 20009- Mexico City allows same sex marriage, forcing the redefinition of "Marriage" between a man and a woman into the legal-union of two individuals of any sex, that by itself is a huge step forward not only to the LBGT community of Mexico, but also of latin america, being Mexico the first big city of latin america to approve of this law.

So far the only thing allowed to same-sex unions was a sort of civil union that was a mockery as it gave no one any benefits and it bestowed no rights to the couple. So how is this an improvement? Couples now can Inherit goods, ask for shared bank accounts, get free social service -medical service, government daycare, unemployment benefits, among others - and even adopt children, that´s right, however this has risen the most debate among people and might get revised later, but for now a battle has been won here.

This has taken it´s time to finally be recognized, and in some way it really shows what I´ve experienced first-hand, inhabitants of the city are now a little more open and tolerant towards public displays of same-sex couples, something that five years ago seemed so far away and even impossible.

If like me you´ve been an activist to get this benefits for some time this calls for a celebration : ) Something to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

As you know already, I think this is good news

Aek said...

Wow, that's quite impressive! Go Mexico!! :-D

Anonymous said...

that is great news!

Bi Like Me said...

Lots of people in the US may think, incorrectly, that Mexico is behind the times. This proves that it is, in fact, ahead of its time! Congrats and enjoy!

Seth said...

Hooray!! A definite victory in the (worldwide) struggle for LGBTQ equal rights.

*Happy Smiles*

JP said...

Yay! Bravo Mexico City, this is excellent news!

Brett said...

That's pretty good! Not only for Mexico City but worldwide. Australia should take a page from this book.

Love, Brett.

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