Dec 15, 2009

To beard or not to beard... mmh.

I really need an opinion on this one. Granted I will not win any award for the transcendence of this post but I have this huge doubt.

Ok, question is as follows, what looks better on a person, beard or no beard? I´m talking about this new trend where people appear with their two days without shaving beard -not like Santa´s beard, I don´t like it that long, but I´m scared if we try to shave santa he might lose his travel-the whole-world in-one-night-powers so better play it safe- or the 5 o´clock shadow look.

Robert Patinsson, in my opinion this guy couldn´t look good even if his life was at risk, but meh, people seem to like him for some reason -honestly, don´t ask me why-


No beard

Uugh, Ok, next up, your favorite -not mine- Zac Effron

Honestly guys where you get these poeple...

Ok, so? this

Or this

Decisions, decisions. see why I need help??

I ask this because I have a date later today and don´t know if I should or not shave : /

Comments are very welcomed, thanks.

Love 2 all


Mr. Urs said...

I'm quite taliban when it comes to facial hair. Especially mustaches & goatees cause shudders. Though a three-day stubble can be quite hot, but only if I'm not about to cuddle with it.

Bi Like Me said...

Honestly, I like a clean shaven look. But facial hair is all about how it looks on that individual. Some guys (like Zac Efron) would look good with mud on his face..

Want a true response? Post pics of yourself with and without..then we can judge!

Anonymous said...

I'm also into the clean look. A stub can be hot, true... but from a personal view, verrrry itchy! Cuddle?? Wouldn't even consider it.


Aek said...

I honestly think it depends on the person. Personally I don't care in general, but it does work on some guys and not others.

I think a bit of stubble can be hot, if it's maintained. However, scraggly stubble/beard just doesn't look comfortable. Do what feels right to you. If in doubt, just shave it. It'll always grow back. Plus, your stubble won't be poking anyone. :-P

Btw, in the second pic, I'm pretty sure the guy on the left isn't Zac Efron (though they look quite similar).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with most everyone here - it depends on the person. The guy in the second-to-last photo looks amazing with the stubble, but then Sean Farris looks great smooth. And I can't imagine Sean Farris looking better with stubble.

Personally, I usually go with the stubble look. Partially due to my laziness, partially because I think I look better that way.

Just said...

not to beard ... think you would look better not to beard... but just me ... Love Lee

Octavius said...

Ah stubble is yuck..., that's just my opinion. Not to mention, it gives you a look of slovenliness. Men should take more pride in their appearance.

To top it off, it makes kissing for the other person, very uncomfortable. And yes just looks lazy.


Seth said...

I'll agree on that first guy - he's totally MEH.

By the way, sorry but somehow I didn't switch my RSS feed to your new address so I've prolly missed a lot, although I've been generally bad in keeping up with comments anyway.


Tyler said...

No face hair just yuck don't do it!

Brandy said...

I'd try it out for a few days and see what kind of response you get and then go from there.

Dzyan said...

Thank you to everyone, you´ve helped me so much, your comments are all that I needed

@Brandy, your´s is the most sensible comment of them all, thanks

Oh, and btw,in the end I shaved :P guess it´s not a good idea to appear for your first date looking that shabby.

Love you people.

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