Dec 9, 2009

Looking for "Camboy" Craig

Has anyone seen him? No, I don´t need a private show, just wanted to see how he was doing with his job-hunt and his life, been a long long time since he took down his blog and though short lived I liked it a lot,  but I didn´t got the chance to copy his email -I foolishly said "I´ll do it later"- so if you have it would you be as kind as to send it to my mail or refer him my way pretty please.

Thanks in advance
Love 2 all


Craig said...

Hey Dzyan,
I'm starting a blog again. This time nothing to do with camming though lol. How awesome of you to do a post about me I appreciate it!! I'm going to bed cus I have a football game tomorow but I'll try and update my life on it tomorow.
Have a Good weekend,

P.S. I no longer do private shows;)

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