Dec 6, 2009

Habemus Profile picturem!!

White smoke coming out of the Vatican confirm the deed, the bells at Notre Dame are ringing non-stop, at San Francisco the earth is quaking with joy, at Buckingham palace HRH herself hasn´t come out of the bathroom for two hours doing the technicolor yawn from the excitement, the Sweden based Nobel prize committee has entered a heated discussion about it, should be entered in the outstanding contribution for Peace for Literature or a category all its own? and don´t even get me started on the Pulitzer.

Fact is that NOW I have a profile picture and I love it. In case you´re wondering the picture was done by my baby sister, and in my opinion it captures my whole essence.

Ok, ok, bi know you must be wondering why am I wearing a turtle´s shell in my back? truth is I haven´t got the slightest idea, but she told me in one of her dreams I wore it whilst dancing in the streets and she thought it was weird, I thought it was hilarious, so from that day on I´m carrying one -just goes to show you all that madness runs in the family- as for the cane, that it represents how I lit up the dancing floor.

BTW I´m waaay cuter in real life... and a better dancer.

Love 2 all


Aek said...

How old is your baby sister? That's actually a really nice picture. :-D

I don't know, I don't see how you can be cuter in real life - hard to compete with a cartoon you with a turtle shell (which I just LOVE btw). XD

Anonymous said...

Hmm I like the pic a lot and not too sure about you being cuter in real life

I'll have to take a rain check

Octavius said...

That really is so very cute.


Mr. Urs said...

even cuter? *swoon*

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to know that fire comes out of your butt. I sill stand to you side, boy.

Alberto Escandon said...

Hola en español. vine aquí recomendado por Areko, el chico que hace bonitos dibujos de adolescentes. Yo también soy bi, pero ya maduro. Me gusta tu humor y tu percepción de la vida, la ironía. Yo sé dónde fue tu fiesta de graduación, si esa es la foto: hay unos famosos vitrales arriba, en el techo. Ahora te dejo un abrazo cariñoso, sin evil intenciones.
Alberto, el de

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