Jan 17, 2010

Let´s Get Physical

So yesterday I went to buy new running shoes, everyone that knows me for more than two weeks knows I love to run, I was in the Track and Field team until six months ago when I had a bad injury, tomorrow will be my second attempt at doing it but now with new shoes, as last attempt turned out to leave me in bed and not able to walk for two weeks and limping for a month I´m pretty interested in tomorrow´s outcome.

So thinking of that got me thinking and remembering about my old days at the T&F team, the good old days where guys in shorts up to the upper thigh and Lycra t-shirts helped each other at warming up, we were good, by the time we finished you could see us all sweaty and hot as hell, but tbh, who wouldn´t I mean, we all started with a good leg work-out, who doesn´t like to assist at Squats? yelling "go down, deeper, deeper, YESS! ahh, there you go, now hold it! up now down again, faster!"

Oh, oh, I know, then comes the sit-ups, ya, we could´ve done them in the typical way but I was so friendly to everyone I had to offer my help there too

"Yes, you work that boy, yes, what you mean you´re done, give me 10 more, come on! trade places? ok but only cause it looks kinda fun."
And you can´t go around without working the back, Heck no! telling guys to lay down on their backs was too much of a treat to let that pass.

"What you mean I´m too low? you´re too low, arch that back!" I know, I´m a drill-sergeant but it´s for their own good. In fact I trained them so well I always got there second.

Coach always told me to keep my eyes in the first place, what he didn´t know is that I actually did the whole entire race :P

But at the end of it we were all really good pals, we hugged and spanked each other -another of the benefits from being second place- and had a little celebration every time training ended.

I wish! 

But we did have a good time. Anyways wish me luck tomorrow, we´ll see if I´m  able to walk after it -though maybe it´s Karma- Enjoy your Sunday.

Love to all


xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Run, Dzyan, Run!

Ryan said...

hey dzyan i did another post and gave a update on ty i couldnt sleep after the other post and i wasnt hurting the people that was mean i was hurting ty's friends and im sorry for that so come back and u can see how ty is doing i think u will be pleased.

Aek said...

Amusing pictures you have there. Did you draw them yourself? :-P

Dzyan said...

@Aek indeed I draw them all :P

Sam said...

I am loving the drawings man!
Stay fit!

Brett said...

Haha! I love the drawings.

Nice training =P

Dave83201 said...

You never told me you could draw!!!

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