Jan 5, 2010

Why I don´t trut anyone...

Argh! I must admit I´m in a bit of a crossroad right now, yesterday went back to work and today I´ll be back to school for some of the last classes I have yet to pass so wish me luck and a ton of patience.

Have some personal issues that still need to take care and guess it´ll need some time til I get there, but slowly things are settling and I´m finding my way in life.

Life is indeed confusing, but you know what I´ve figured out? Sometimes it´s not my fault, sometimes is the fault of the whole world that is sending double-messages here and there, but don´t take my word for it.


Some other times it´s over-alarmist 

And sometimes not pleasant enough

So if someday you feel like you´re lost and don´t know what to do next, don´t worry, PROBABLY IT´S NOT EVEN YOUR FAULT.

So don´t worry, just relax, smile and just go with your gut and always don´t ever forget:

Love to all.


Dave83201 said...

LOL! Great pictures! Thanks for the laugh, and I hope you're well!

Aek said...

Lol, all quite amusing. :-P

I wish you luck in finishing your remaining classes and sorting things out.

Jason Carwin said...

I hope you sort things out soon. On another note, I enjoyed all the pictures. They were worth a laugh. :)

j said...

haha, thanks for the laugh my friend. with this outlook, you'll pass those classes so don't worry to much. just keep trying.


Craig said...

I like this post Dyzan, Good luck with those personal issues and your final few classes I know you'll do great.

torchy! said...

love the pics. hope things even out for you real soon.


xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Good luck with all

The pics are so awesome!!!

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