Jan 12, 2010

The forbidden fruit

Is there anything more exciting than craving that which you cannot have?? steady my old heart. Ok, ok, let me start from the beginning, but first forgive if I type real quick, got lots of homework to do.

So today I called work because I got lots of homework -that never seems to end- and told them I´d take the day off. So went tot the gym really early to a place that´s a few blocks from my house, it´s been a long time since I walk these streets as I´m almost never home and got to go the exact opposite way. Anyways, I got to the gym and as I was the only human soul it got pretty boring, that was of course until I glanced out the window, I was on the third floor and could see a huge house across the street where a large group of young guys were gathering, they seemed too friendly hugging each other and laughing away,"Oh no!" -I thought- "I´d better go help them, they won´t be able to hug all those cute guys all by themselves".

So after a few more glances between reps, I realized they were all really cute and well-dressed, so I wondered "How come no one invited me?", so using all the street-wise I got when I was a kid riding my bike around the neighborhood tried to remember what that place was... until it struck me, THAT´S A LDS CHURCH, and not just that, THAT´S WHERE MISSIONARIES GET TOGETHER!

Anyways after some minutes of staring through the window -was alone, what can you expect from me? I´m only human after all- ended my workout routine and hit the showers. After a few minutes of getting ready I hit the street and while I was busy browsing for a particular song in my iPod, noticed someone was staring at me so I turned to see who it was and saw a little group of these boys that had crossed the street to buy juices and what-nots, among the group was a particular guy that was staring at me but when I looked up he looked away, he was cute so I stared at him while walking their way until he had to look at me, when he did I gave him my most earnest good-guy smile, he answered with one of his own and I swear I´ve didn´t know the human face could turn that shade of red :P  so that really made me smile and while I was half a block away I turned around and noticed he was checking me out as I was leaving, he really made my day, lol, I know I´m the worst, sorry everyone, but I didn´t force him do anything.

Anyways back to work but first a huge hug to every cute Mormon gay guy around :) -not to the ugly ones, they don´t deserve them, though if there is one, I´m still to find out-

Oh, and now a song that´s quite ad hoc and it got stuck in my head yesterday as I was falling asleep. It´s 11 years old already, can´t believe it.

Love to all


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Haha. I used to be one of those missionaries. I promptly accept the aforementioned hug.

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Dzyan that story really made me giggle.

I am always the boy getting all red.... >_<

Aek said...

Haha, if only Dave were among that group. Oh that'd be scandalous. o_O

I want a shirt that says "Free Hugs -Just Ask-"

BB said...

As cute Mormon Gay I accept your hug! Thanks. I do feel for that missionary though because his inner life is probably not the best right now. Hopefully he will grow and flourish instead of trying to kill himself like so many do.

Dzyan said...

@BB indeed I wish there was something I could do to provide any kind of emotional support, alas being a complete foreigner to the community know not the first thing of how to approach at all, wish I knew though then I could do something better than provoke people and do something good for someone else :(

Dave83201 said...

Funny! So does that mean I get a free hug? LOL!!!

Octavius said...

Good post dude.., and yes..., they do seem to breed them well... ha ha ha ha!


Seth said...

Wooo you sexy thing, getting looks all up and down the stree!


Dzyan said...

@Dave, NEVER! no hug for you, you´re a creepy creepy bisexual that doesn´t answer IM´s :P

I mean do you even have to ask?? Hugs for Mormon bisexuals too!!

Jason Carwin said...

Great post. I had fun reading it.

JP said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. And I agree with Aek, I'll gladly buy a shirt like that.

Excellent Post

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