Jan 13, 2010

The Endless Homework

Geeze! Homework just never stops, it keeps coming and coming at me, and work that has already come just doesn´t go away on it´s own, everyday more and more chores to do and it just doesn´t seem to "lighten-up" last semester at school I did it all, yelled at it, threw it to the floor and even cry and it just didn´t go away, so decided I should change strategies here.

So here´s a list of the things I´ve done to try and win some time to deliver homework on time:

1. Get the book from the library and brought it home
2. Open the book and find the needed chapters
3. Turn-on the computer to start writing down my analysis
4. Get online -that happens everytime computer is turned on-
5. Check mail, check mail, check mail -I don´t like getting friends, family and work together in the same room, why should I let them get together on my mail?-
6. Answer some e-mail
7. Check new posts on blogger
8. Prepare something to eat -now I´m hungry and can´t expect me to work on an empty stomach-
9. Clean everything I used -I would need to do it sooner or later and it won´t hurt no one if I do it right now, right?-
10. Get back to the computer -Oh look, someone tried to contact me on msn-
11. Have an interesting conversation of a girl and her sad sad story about why girlfriends can´t be trusted -her words-
12. Check mail, check mail, check mail
13. Take a nap -I can´t work while being sleepy-
14. Wake up -several hours later-
15. Clean my desk -with all that mess I can´t even concentrate-
16. Get a shower
17. Change the bed sheets -been a cold couple of weeks and need some warmer ones-
18. Rotate bed -should be done once a month, when was the last time I did this?-
19. Make bed
20. Check mail, check mail, check mail
21. Tweet about how much work I have yet to do
22. Chat with someone in MSN to tell them how homework is a bitch
23. Download music to create a "homework-mood"
24. Sing, Sing, Sing -found Regina Spektor´s album and can´t stop singing it-
25. Go to the gym -that always helps me  forget about the frustration about homework, besides, I deserve it, been hours since I´ve been doing homework-
26. Make a post about something nice that happened at the gym -wait, that was yesterday-
27. Comment on some bloggs
28. Check mail, check mail, check mail
29. Look for the book -I know I had it here somewhere, it was on top of the desk... Oh...-
30. Find the book -yay! I placed it in the bookshelf next to a book I have looking forward to read-
31. Read the book -the one I was looking forward to read, not the one from homework-
32. Watch some anime -my sister was watching it and been a while since last I practiced my japanese, yay!-
33. Go to school and try to explain to the teacher homework´s too damn hard and I don´t get anything I´m reading to get an extension
34. Renew library loan
35. Check mail, check mail, check mail
36. Make a quick post about how endless homework is these days

Which brings us to the present moment, there, see, I´m a victim of the environment that doesn´t allow me to concentrate, so STOP DISTRACTING ME!! :P

Love to all

P.S. is that cake I´m smelling? no? well, now I can´t do homework til I taste some cake, maybe I´ll bake one, been a long time since I last cook, Oh man! my sofa is dirty, I should get that clean... no, I´ll take it for reupholstering, no wait, I´ll do it myself....

P.S.S. Today I have a test for a class I´ve never taken and have no effin´ idea of what the class is about and it will constitute 100% of my grade, so please wish me luck.


Aek said...

Woah, busy busy busy. O_O

Good luck with all that. Suddenly, I have a ton to do too and not enough time. :-(

Good luck on your exan!!!

mikey said...

mmmmmmm cake ... dude ur xcatly like me .... like nethin in the world is a better idea than doin the work i need to do ... hey maybe i should put all my books in alphabetical order or reaarange all my desktop icons ... 2 thinks ive dun to avoid studyin


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