Jan 31, 2010


Where have I been? that´s easy, not where I´ve wanted to, where I´m heading is the actual trick question, still, I´ve been taking this time to figure that one out.

Let me tell you, I´ve been away from this place for almost a week now, haven´t been reading nor writing a single thing nor tweeting, however I´ve been on msn and skype and every other account I own because I promised a lot of people that whenever they had a problem they could count on me because I would always be there, can´t take that back and can´t  be that selfish as to go away when people need help.

So I´ve been going through some hard thinking about life, wondering what I want of it and what to do to get it, having no money, -finished- career -yet-, job -a paying one-, a boyfriend or a girlfriend -it´s called bisexuality for a reason afterall- so had to take some time to do the thinking.
Today, life as I know it is hanging by a tread, on tuesday -as tomorrow is a day off don´t ask me why- gotta tell my boss and give him my two weeks notice, yup. I´m leaving the LGBTQ center, volunteering there has made my life all that more meaningful and I thank all the people I´ve met for letting me into their problems -maybe here´s not the best place to thank as they will probably never read it, but still- that doesn´t mean I won´t be listening to anyone that needs any help, but my need for money to pay my studies is atm paramount, as much as it pains me I´ll have to leave that place.

I´ll be six more months till I clear all my credits at school and on top of that I need to find some job, so it might be the roughest beginning of the year I´ve ever had. Oh, and I need to thank dear friend FMS as he listened to me when I was having the toughest time, thanks man, you´ve always been there when I need you.

On the light side, I moved to a new gym -owned by the school as those are really cheap- and some schoolmates of mine have decided to come with me, so now we hang around for a few hours a day, but they are such woozies they needed to rest for the week. Besides there I met this cool guy with a really interesting story, and I think I´m beginning to like him, wonder if he like´s me back and in what way,  all I can tell at this moment is I´m developing this weird northern Spain accent that I can´t stop nor notice and everyone else finds odd in me, but maybe they´ll never know why :P

So OK, maybe this post was futile but had to write it down for me, anyways, I´ll work things through, just know that if I´m AWOL for a while know is because life needs my full attention. Adiós tios!



Seth said...

Hey D, don't worry, we're all here for you! Sorry to hear you have to leave the job, but you're right, your life and financial situation are more important right now. I hope everything works out ok for you, best wishes and all.

Hang in there,

Aek said...

You do what you must, don't worry about us so much. When things are in order again for you, we'll still be here to hear about your journey. :-)

cvn70 said...


Hey you helped those at the center Im sure but you also need to help your self now before you can other again. I hope all is well

take care and be safe


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