Jan 9, 2010

Let´s hear it for the boys!

Sunday, which means I´ll spend most of the day sleeping away to catch up on hours lost during the weekdays, so in order to make up for that I´ll talk about more important matters, so here I go:

First of all everyone MUST visit Ty at I´ll do tricks for you, he had an accident and I for once send him my best wishes, am worried sick about him but until he gives further info we´ll be kept in the dark as to what happened, can only wish for the best.

Back?? goody let´s carry on.

Now, Seth, he´s been feeling a little down last couple of days so I wish him to feel better soon and send him one million hugs all the way to *hint, hint* his blog.

Tra-la-la... oh! I´m just making time for people to go there and come back, don´t worry, I´ve got time...


It´s time to give a round of applause to the new-ish guys in blogtown 

Ok then; now I´d like to welcome back j from California, He does a Gentleman´s Romance and must admit I haven´ t heard from him before and although he´s just re-started I enjoy reading what he´s got to say, he writes really well and should be read by everyone IMHO.

Surely you´ve heard about Joshua from Africa, 19 and into the movie scene. He writes My Mortal Dream and though deadly I´ve learned about people living there and about traditions, a good blog to open your perspective on the whole country through the eyes of a young fellow as himself.

Let´s move on to Anton, from Anton´s House, he´s such a lovely guy and lately his life seems to be turning for the better, you should read about him, also he´s from -much to his dismay- New Mexico, and I wish him to keep building-on that confidence, oh, did I forgot to say he looks really cute in his profile picture? lol.

Oh, and talking about lovely Profile pictures you have to meet Sam from the UK, Sam Richardson that is, from A Bang Bang Blog, he´s barely starting to post though he´s been on Blogger since August, maybe he´s a Blog stalker ¬ ¬ but he writes what comes from his heart, and he likes Florence + the Machine, so he´s on the cool boys list :)

A huge *hug* to Tommy from Of the Male Persuasion, he´s from Australia and seems to be having a little rough time lately, I send him much love and and all the patience in the world. Cheer up mate :) we all get those kind of moments, but you´re deffo not alone.

Everyone back-up I just found the ultimate High School Dandy his name is Josh from Florida and he´s barely beginning his blog, in fact I´m proud to admit I´m his first follower :P so go say hi to him too.

Last but not least, We have Travis writing at All Nighter Wannabe he´s living life the only way I know how to live it, fast and making each day count *high five* lol.

It´s been brought to my attention that I´ve made a horrible mistake overlooking another recent blogger, BB from Beloved Boyd blog my deepest apology, in my defense your blog didn´t appear when tried to open your profile, sorry, I promise I´ll read your entries at my scarce waking hours, I mean, gay and mormon, sounds fascinating. Thanks for the heads-up.

So to all of you guys, WELCOME!!

bi sprogg
I know, a long list, but it´s worth it and all of them deserve your time and comments, I´m pretty sure they´ll all appreciate them. So if you have the time just:


P.S. if the -non- appearance of your name in this post has offended you in any way, comments, complains, f*çk you notes and Yo Mama jokes are always welcomed.


BB said...

Well dyzan, Your mom is so fat that when she puts on here yellow raincoat in California everyone in New York yells "Taxi." :p

Aek said...

Wow, lots of new blogs. o_O!

I really like that first pic. :-P

Tommy said...

Hey. Thanks for the huge hug and thanks for mentioning me

Dzyan said...

@BB sorry,hope there´re no hard feelings.

@Aek yup, so you better get your reading glasses and prepare some coffee, this might take you a while.

@Tommy Hey no problem, got tons of those where that one came from, next time I´ll give you a few dozens to go :P and you have nothing to thank just knowing you´re happy is reward enough.


xXxJoshuaxXx said...


U are 2 awesome 2 me!!!
Thanx for the shout out!

Ur rabid reader

Jason Carwin said...

Thanks for all the links to other blogs. I found a number of them to be very interesting.

BB said...

@Dyzan, No Problem whatsoever. Thanks though, I will try to figure out what is wrong with my link not showing up.

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