Jan 24, 2010

Sunday Toon

...Dzyan style

Well for a brief explanation about this post, I recently came-out to a friend and it didn´t go as well as expected, I´ve had all those reactions one way or another and sometimes I fell like even when coming-out is a way to show ppl how much you trust them and let them in your life telling them a secret, things just get more complicated *sigh* well, guess not everyone is comfortable with having a friend that´s attracted to guys too, so here´s for Pyrrhic victories!

Love to all

Now, comment or succumb to my awesomeness!


Tommy said...

I choose to succumb :P

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

I second Tommy

Aek said...

Awww, that cartoon is kinda sad. :-(

Dave83201 said...

I'm so sorry D! I've been behind reading blogs dealing with a situation, and I'm only now reading this. Hang in there, and I'll find time to chat soon!

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