Jan 15, 2010

Boyfriend wanted

Seeking for a full-time fun-loving, energetic and outgoing person to love and hold.

At least 18 years old, driver´s license not needed, experience not necessary

Knows how to laugh and make people laugh, enjoy outdoors activities and the little things in life

All artistic skills welcomed. cooking skills are not a must but be willing to learn together is

Reliable and trustworthy.

Money not an issue.

A killer smile, punctuality and flexibility are required.

Must make an interesting conversation and be a good listener.

Available to travel for long periods of time during the summer.

Kissing skills are optional but will provide extensive training on a hands-on approach once you are accepted.

Excellent oral skills needed, Hot body a plus, clothing optional.

Must live within close driving range to the territory 

Must NEVER provide past boyfriends references

Location: Mexico city, Mexico
Compensation: Breathless moments every hour
Send contact information to: Lovelessinmexico@gmail.com

Is this really that hard to get???


Aek said...

I'd volunteer, but I'm afraid I don't qualify for several of your key criteria. :-/

Best of luck!

BB said...

Punctual and flexible? That's asking for a lot. If I lived in Mexico perhaps.

Octavius said...

If only I was closer....

Brett said...

Damn the ocean between us ;)

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