Jul 27, 2010

OMG! today is my Blogiversary!!

This calls for a celebration!!

bi *complejo

It is with an incredible feeling of satisfaction that I announce that a day like today only one year ago I made one of  the hardest decisions I´ve ever made, yes you might think it´s absurd, but I was one of the most private people you´d ever meet -that added to the fact that my writing skills suck-, is that it was a real hard choice for me to undergo. I actually remember how nervous I was the first times while writing down my true feelings, it made me scare to death thinking that someone might find out what I was really thinking or believed that if someone knew something about me they would use it against me.

Today however, I have to thank you all for a year of following my life, where I have learned so much from myself and the world, experienced so many sad and happy moments, that had brought me tears and laughter; however, the most important thing that this place has brought me is the friendship from wonderful people from across the globe I would never have met any other way.

I´ve been in touch with so many people that has come and has gone, some of them I keep track of, some others just disappeared from my life, some I´ve never heard of again just like that, some others I´ve had fights with and gone away, you must know that all of that I regret and if given a chance I´d make things better, for all the people that read this, all of my new found friends, all of you are the real reason I´ve grown, learned and become a better person, for all this I wish to dedicate this one year Aniversary to all of you that made this possible and have given me so much with out even realizing it.


from the bottom of my heart for following the life of this silly boy.



Manu said...

Yo doy gracias a Dios por haberte puesto en mi camino =) haz sido un muy buen amigo y gracias por escuchar todas mis tonterias y tragedias jaja tqm!

espero algun día conocerte!

PS. Ya le dije a Jesus jaja, luego te cuento que dijo ;)

Dzyan said...

*GASP* No way, lol, gracias bonito :)

Mr. Urs said...

Happy Blogiversary!

LB said...

Felicidades guapo!

MartininBroda said...

It's only one year? Now, when I think about it I have no clue where I found you, anyway, I hug you to death now, nearly :-)

Aek said...

Happy blogoversary!! :-D

Seth said...

Hooray!!!!! Happy Day :)

Congrats on your 1 year milestone

JP said...

Joyeux Blogiversaire! I wish you many more to come.

M. Alan (midwest) said...

Happy Happy Blogiversary Dzyan :), thx and keep up the great post in year #2


Happy Blogiversary!!!!

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