Jul 12, 2010

My dad

Ok, so first, gotta apologize on not being around that much, but my internet connection started to suck last week and I get an irregular connection, seemed like the most easy thing to fix but with what resources and education I have I could only made it change if it really wanted to change -sorry, psychologists´ joke, couldn´t help myself- but seems like my dad has solved it, don´t ask me how.

And talking about the devil, today´s my dad´s birthday, YAY! today he turns fifty-two,  which if my math doesn´t fail me he had me when he was 27 and my brother at 25, which is actually my age, OMG, maybe I´m running late to give birth to my own children, heck, he was married when he was my age, guess it´s true what they say, I might be a big slob, maybe, but today´s not about me, it´s about my dad.

Now, Dad and I, we don´t see eye in eye in... well, anything really, we´ve got arguments on an almost daily basis, he complains about how I don´t talk to him that much and I complain about how he talks in the rudest way I know, he has pushed me away from him and I act defensively around him, when I told him I was gay he made a huge ruckus out of it... and yet when it was all over he still stood by my side, he took it like a man and accepted me for who I am; the man worries himself sick whenever I go out at night, will fight my best judgment whenever I feel  like I have to do some activism for gay rights but knows that is something I have to do and will give the evil-eye to any friend I bring home, it´s exasperating.

Dad and I will fight for no reason whatsoever at any given time but the REAL reason we fight so much is quite easy, we are SO much ALIKE. That´s right, I learned from my dad most of the things I know and I don´t mean academic stuff but everything else, he taught me to be a hard-worker, be independent, never give up and solve my problems, so now that I´m older and have learned all this things from him he doesn´t like me because I´m a hard-working, independent and perceverent problem-solver, which is kinda funny.

So dad, I know I´m not the son you wanted me to be, nor the doctor you wanted to have in the family, nor the person that would give you the grandchild you so wanted, in fact I know there´s a gargantuan chance you won´t even read this ever, but I want you to know that I thank everything you´ve done for me for the last 25 years now and want you to know you´ve always been my number one hero and I love you.



LB said...

WOOOO Yay for Psych students :D!!

MartininBroda said...

This was really nice, hope you're ok

LB said...

I was so excited to read your comment lol!! you should definitely update more so we can get aqcuainted =P!! I lived in Mexico for the longest time... do you live there? well, be good, and hope all is well.

LB said...

Ahh I hardly ever eat that little in a day lol... that's what had me so thrilled =P but I do need to get better with the sleep thing... anyways, what's new with ya?

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