Jul 14, 2010

Answers for DD

First of all you must know that I´m doing this post against my own will, it´s actually Deeper Daze´s fault I´m writing today, I´m tired, sleepy, grumpy and a little bit sad, but he insisted I did a post today, oh, and by the way, you can go check his new blog at http://deeperdaze.blogspot.com/ -which makes his profile name not as original as one might think but *shrugs*-

As it seems DD doesn´t have a mail I can send my answers to his questions, I´ll have to post them in here -everyone thank DD. lol- So in order of most resent backwards

What I´m up to today?
Well I went to a job fair which was kinda cool because I found a friend that I see a couple of times at the gym and thought was gay, turned out we went to a dinning room after the whole fair thing was done and talked for hours. Turns out my gay-dar never fails, he´s gay, has a bf and seems to have lived a hard life all this time, he´s nice and a great guy to talk to, we got along just fine and it was fun.

However I am sad as I didn´t get the job I really wanted, so right now I´m playing with the idea of going for some alcohol and just forget about the whole thing, it was an AMAZING job.

Another question is, Do I live in México?

Sure do, all my life, Mexico city that is.

So DD, you should really think about getting a msn account, that way I can answer to you directly lol -and maybe use the chance to change your profile name :P

OH, I also want to take this chance to thank the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (http://lgf.org.uk/) in the UK for the shout-outs of my blog, I feel so international now.

Anyways, now I´m off to bed, good night everyone hope tomorrow is a better day



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SEE I PUT MY TWO CENTS IN!! hehe Love<~Peter~>

Anonymous said...

Mmmn who do you know in GLF then?

Dzyan said...

@Peter LMAO that was truly unexpected and weird, made me laugh, thanks

@Micky I know no one, or at least I´m not aware of it, maybe a reader but hasn´t claimed responsibility yet lol

LB said...

Ohh I feel special!! hahahaha guess my email address?? that is so awesomeee I've been to mexico city a couple of times and I speak perfect Spanish just like you speak perfect english ;)! I'm sorry you didn't get the job you wanted :( but I'm sure you will find a better opportunity! ahh I'm ready for some alcohol myself!

Dzyan said...

@DD entonces hablas bien español? genial! dónde has vivido?

Realmente necesitas una cuenta de correo electrónico, no me agrada que todo el mundo pueda ver nuestra conversación :P por cierto, Salud!

Cuídate mucho, un abrazo enorme

LB said...

Vivi en San Luis Potosi y Celaya y Queretaro por un poco mas de la mitad de mi vida jeje!! mi correo electronico es deeperdaze at gmail ;)

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