Jul 23, 2010

Woops! forgot a title for this one

There is no better place in the world to be writing than the one I´m at right now, and that is because I´m between my sheets, five minutes ago I was freezing to death though and it´s all because of my sister.

I love her to death and would do anything for her, today that took the form of a international folkloric dance festival that took place in an open space with no protection of anykind, so what does that meant? five hours of standing under the rain watching group after group of dancers from all across the globe. I will not lie, I went there only to take care of her, but in the end I had a real good time, and who wouldn´t when you get to see guys from across the globe moving in suggestive ways all across the stage.

Must admit though, I´m a little jealous of my sister, she is in a school dedicated to develop the artistic potential of their high-schoolers so they have all kind of dancers, actors, paintors and singers and my parents are so supporting of her as well as my brother and me, however I am jealous because I know I could´ve fit in a school like that, I mean come on who wouldn´t be happier learning how to do backflips instead of being inside a lab doing tests to crap -no, really, that´s what I learn in high-school- I know times when I was her age were really tight and if I didn´t get the chance to do that is because we were more worried with what -if anything- we were going to eat that day and I´m glad we no longer have to do that, so I´m tremendously happy for my sis because she will have the chance I didn´t have, and as for me, well, I know two things to be true, one: the only thing that comes between yourself and your dreams is yourself, and two: it´s never too late to learn, so I´m seriously thinking about my choices, but for now that´s what they´ll remain, thoughts, good night every body.



LB said...

I missed you!!!! I'm glad you're back :) well you're right about the only thing coming between our dreams and us is ourselves but any extra help along the way is always appreciated... You're a good brother and a good son :).

And yes it would've been awesome to run with you... Given that you can keep up hahaha just kidding, love and hugs to you sexy man!!

Manu said...

MI amor te escribire en español...

yo tmb jaja si fuera por mi yo estaria en una escuela de artes, pero primero asegurar el pan como dices tu :P

MartininBroda said...

Just wanted to make a flippant comment on twitter, but no, you didn't deserve this my dear, you wise young man, you really are: "the only thing that comes between yourself and your dreams is yourself...". I hope this doesn't makes you feel embarrassed, but I like you from the bottom of my heart.

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