Aug 2, 2010

Cause you´ll never hear of someone excited of just waiting

There seems to be something wrong with me, maybe is the lack of something inspirational to write about or that my life seems as boring as a night out in a straight club -I´m sorry I just hate those places, I mean guys are sooo drunk and acting like complete assholes, not to mention that the only person dancing are girls and of course, me- but I´ve had a rough time finding something to write about. However is not only writing that´s been ttroublesome, sometimes when I get home turn on the TV and a loud "meh" comes out of my mouth, turn on the computer and "bleh" nothing interesting going on either, talk to my friends and only thing they have to talk about are their problems -I mean it´s not as if I don´t care but come on! there MUST be something else to talk about- so I say "argh" in response.

Life seems so empty at the moment...well not really empty, just slow -I´ve been meeting tons of people lately but lack some excitement- they say life doesn´t wait for anyone, and I´ve lived to that philosophy my entire life, so I´ve become used to a certain life style only corresponding to a huge city, with not a minute to spare and lots of things to do, stress everywhere and weird thing is that instead of being relieved, I kinda miss it. So I´ll beg you to excuse me if there is not many updates around here but life gets kinda boring. However as I hate complains this rant stops here.

On a positive side, I went to celebrate one of my best friend´s birthday on sunday -yes sunday, from everyday of the week on a freaking sunday!- and had a really good time, must say that I was afraid he was avoiding me, last time I saw him was 2 months ago when I came out to him after 5 years of being really close friends, took him quite a long time to get over it, but yesterday I saw him was as cool as we have never been, we even saw eachother earlier to catch up on what´s new, which actually took a weight off of me. Also I tasted a recomended drink by a cousin, haha, It´s called "Calimotxo" what´s in this drink with an exotic and fascinating name? nothing else than Coke and red wine, doesn´t taste as bad as you could imagine, lol.

So anyways, thanks for reading throught the whole thing, had to get it off my chest, and if you leave a comment I´ll be double thankful, good night.



Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a summer slump?

But hey, boredom's not the worst thing in the world.

MartininBroda said...

Sometimes, the boring stages in hindsight were the best.

Víctor Manuel said...


Recién he creado un blog y me gustaria que pases de visita por ahi.

Ojalá puedas ser uno de mis seguidores.


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