Jul 17, 2010

Me on the streets

One thing I haven´t done in a while when I log in is check out my dashboard on this blogger thing, so it was  pleasing -and surprising- to know that it turns out I reached one hundred followers -omg the humanity!- I know I´ve been a long time around so people that started reading this blog have come and gone so I´d be quite foolish on my behalf to think that 100 people really read what I write in here -honestly who the f*çk cares about what happens to a single guy that doesn´t post pictures of naked guys or talks about his sex life [oh, that´s right, there IS something called sex life, I wonder whatever happened to mine? OH Shit! How long it´s been since last I had sex?! now I´m freaking out! How long´s it been?! gotta do something about that, and soon, any volunteers?] what was I talking about?... oh, right right- so I went and checked on google analytics and turns out I have way more people reading than I ever thought I had or would ever had to be honest, so thanks a bunch to everyone that still reads and follows what nonsense I write about, really appreciate it.

So now to the topic at hand; a question has been running around my head for a while now, it comes around like an annoying fly that upsets your peace, doesn´t seem to want to go away no matter how much you flap in the air or strike the walls with a rolled up newspaper and as much as you try to kill it it´s just impossible to get rid of the buzzing sound inside your head, you get the idea. So this thing is actually a question I think was published on Craig´s blog that states:

If you saw yourself on the street would you ogle yourself? (you get what i mean) How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in terms of hotness? :)

To which I would answer Hell yeah! I rate myself as a solid 9, because let´s face it, to be a 10 is just an illusion, only man who is a ten is a man you haven´t met, idealize or have only seen in your dreams -so yes, I have a high morale and maybe think too much of me but that doesn´t hurt anyone... or it hasn´t so far- however the part that really hit me was that after thinking if I´d "ogle" myself if I saw myself in the street what would happen next? I mean there´s nothing wrong with a glimpse at guys specially hot ones, however, what would happen next? what would I do afterwards? and then it hit me: I would do nothing!

The idea struck me like a bucket of cold water, "what do you mean you would do nothing?" -I asked myself- "well MAYBE not nothing, I would probably just walk right next to him [myself] like that guy is not even there" OMG, that´s TRUE! I do that often, when I see someone I like I tend to act like he´s not even there and what´s worse, they usually act the same way! it´s like if I don´t see you maybe I´ll be interesting enough for you to want to talk to me, and that´s the most stupid thing I´ve ever thought about! no wonder my sex life it´s non-existent! man, Have to do something about it and quickly if I want to keep on with a good and healthy sexual life, so there you have it, I suck at this things.

So anyways, don´t  let me die alone here, I´ve told you what would happen to me, do answer what would you do if you saw yourselves on the streets, need to learn about how to approach hot guys. See you around



Big Mark 243 said...

LOL!! I saw a link while I was over at 'Up and About' and decided to take a peek!!

You've quite an ego to say '9' but I guess if you don't think so, who will?

I'd rate myself a 7.5... no waver as the .5 is waver enough. I tend to tell folks to tell me what they think and then that is what I am!!

Be cool, Rauol!! It is summer and there is no school!!

Aek said...

I'd rate myself between a 4 and a 5. Not bad-looking enough to turn people away, but not good-looking enough to make anyone want to take a second look. I feel like I'm very average, or perhaps a tad below average. ::Sigh:: Oh well. :-/

LB said...

Ohhhh a 9? When will we meet lol!! I'd rate myself a 6, pretty darn average.. And I've never ever approached a guy, I usually do the shy smile, they smile back and neither has the gut to say anything lol... And at last I'd volunteer for the shackin' up ;)

LB said...

where are youuuu

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