Jul 1, 2010

On the run again

Hello again, must say it feels great to be blogging again, even though not much has happened lately, well, besides from being stood up at a date, but well, not much I can do, I told you already I wasn´t thinking much in dating and stuff since I´ve got little to offer, and truthful to my words haven´t been trying real hard to try and get a date, however this time is a little different as the guy in matter is an old known of mine, actually more than that, it´s actually my first evil-ex-boyfriend, lol; to be completly honest I´m not sure still where this -if anywhere- is going -taking into account this is like the fifth time I´ve tried getting him on a date, so yeah, still can´t rule out the nothing happening thing- Man! I can´t remember when my life turned into this constant walking on eggshells, guess it´s a normal part in the whole graduating and deciding what you going to do with the rest of your life thing, 

I remember those good old times where things didn´t get planned, thought-through or meditated, I just did what I wanted and worry about it later -if ever- ah! guess this is what growing up is all about, getting responsibilities and stuff not so fun. However, I´m still young -regardless of what my behaviour might show- :P

Bi muhjo

So to brighten my day a few I want to talk about something that to me is really important. If you have known me for more than six-months -six-months? where time goes??- you´d know that I used to run wild and free -no, really- and that it was taken away from me because of a leg injury; well, it´s my pleasure to inform that my leg is strong enough now so that I can go take a 20 min. run without ending limping and crying -don´t laugh, it did happen- so YAY ME!!!  I´m still taking it slowly -again with the slow timing, I´m so 50 years old *facepalm*- so I don´t hurt my leg again, which seems to be working, and I couldn´t be happier. That´s it for today´s rant, thanks for your reading of this old young guy to his every complain, lol, have a great one and don´t forget to comment!



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