Jul 6, 2010

Some time off

First of all gotta say something, I admit it´s hard writing again after so many time away, but have to try or won´t be able to write ever again.

Well, one thing people might not know about me is that coming from one of the most populated cities in the world it is to be expected from me to be a person that has a way in getting himself busy all the time, and you´d be right you´d made such an assumption, I´m quite restless when it comes down to getting work done, so now I´m unemployed this hasn´t changed a bit -Oh! quick update, might be getting a facilitator position for a big pharmaceutical company which makes me real happy but I´m still waiting the final answer from them, guess tomorrow I´ll have to give them a call- What I´m doing then? well to no one´s surprise I´m volunteering at another NGO -well, I was bored and have lots of talents, won´t let them go to waste, lol- and I´m working in favour of male reproductive and sexual health, I guess I´m more in love with the gay community than I could ever care to admit.

Anyways, as to what I am doing, I´m developing workshops and seminars for men to learn how to approach people, initiate conversations and get dates, which is actually really fun to work on, been learning lots of stuff, having so much fun and practising new and old pick-up skills, so it has been a learning experience, lol; now I´m a relationships expert of sorts :P

I will admit that one thing that I love about working in different NGO´s is that I learn so many things about life, people and growing up, so I will recommend anyone if you have a couple of spare hours try to give a little, I´ve received so much.

Oh, one last thing my good friend JP asked me how the Pride parade went, it was really fun, got to go with my second evil ex-boyfriend, and although he ended up depressed -which I admit might be my fault as I think he expected us to hit it again as a couple and I didn´t answer the way he expected- I did have a good time, unfortunately I couldn´t take any pictures as I don´t owe a camera and couldn´t get anyone to lend me theirs. That´s it for today, thanks for your comments and concern, see you soon.



Aek said...

Hmm, it sounds like I need to attend this workshop of yours. Do you offer free private online help? :-P

Seth said...


yeah, be prepared for lots of bloggers to sign up - web seminar!!


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