Nov 8, 2009

Morning fresh

Yawwwn, I would like to wish everyone a good morning! alas I can´t, because it´s 11:00 pm. still that doesn´t mean I´ve been awake for more than two hours, and I´ll be going to bed again in about 10 minutes, so I´m taking this moment to post a little.

However first of all, I´d like to welcome Michaelluke from everyone´s favourite Smutty stuff -which seems to be offline at this moment- and my personal favourite It´s getting better, would like to chat with him soon. Oh and a welcome back to JP who was away :( but came back :) Also was this week was Wolfi´s 17th and Eddieh´s 18th birthday -a blog which I had the luck to find the exact day of his b-day party, how lucky am I?- Also, Landyn´s 19 birthday and I noticed everyone got together to make a nice birthday blog for him, and no one invited me, which makes me really angry

But I did get the chance to wish him a happy birthday on msn. Oh, and Just´s son turned 13, can´t forget about that, sorry I didn´t attend the party, but wasn´t invited :P still, hope he had a wonderful day, sure you couldn´t be any prouder.

Also one of my best friends came back Dave got a new power cord and if it works long enoug I´d like to talk to him -not much anyone can do, sorry ´bout that- but for the most part I´m always available for anyone willing to talk to me-. Also back is AJ which has been away for too long if you ask me.

But also bad news, seems like Ethan might not be blogging anymore, and will stop reading other people´s, Hope he feels better soon and blogs a little more about what´s going on in his life.

Also new to blogging is Jacob which needs to be welcomed to the community so if you get the time go say hi to his blog. Oh, and one old favorite of mine LonelyBoy actually went to his BeLonGTO reunion, I´m so proud of him and you all should be too, if you know him go congratulate him. I love that boy.

Also I´m so glad everyone enjoyed my last post, I was feeling really lonely and sad, somehow that didn´t  come across as good as expected.

Well, that´s it for me, I´m turning the equipment over for the night, which has turned out to be really good, playing Ultimate Alliance 2 with some of my friends and my brother on his Wii -yeah, I still get some fun from videogames, but only when around friends- and I´ll be making a real post soon I promise. -well today is still sunday so I felt like making dominical announcements- Hope to see you round soon.

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!

MartininBroda said...

Don’t feel angry you weren’t invited to this birthday blog for Landyn please, I’m pretty sure it was a mistake, interesting opening picture btw.

Dave83201 said...

Hey buddy! Sorry I've been so busy to chat! Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is certain I'm going to be VERRRRY picky about new blogs that pop up

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