Nov 18, 2009


On Hiatus

Sorry posting takes way too much out of me and not getting as much fun as I once did.

By Heile

Still, maybe I´ll be around, take care.


Mr. Urs said...

Was I too optimistic, when I though you had some stamina and perseverance?

Just said...

Dyzan it cool ... totally understand... Know that I love you ... and hope to see you online soon.Do what is right for you Dyzan , if that what you do then I behind you all the way .. Though I will mess you .. until you come back Love your friend Just ( Lee)

Aek said...

I hope this hiatus doesn't take TOO long!! I'll miss your posts. :-/

I'm sure you'll come back in time. Just don't take too long, okay? Talk to ya online sometime.

Brett said...

Keep in touch, pleeeease =]

Bi Like Me said...

Hey, I know you're gone for a little (I Hope) but my blog is now available in Spanish..wanted to let your readers know! All one has to do is click the drop down menu on right on my blog!

Hey, yo sé que has ido un poco (espero), pero mi blog está ahora disponible en español .. quería que sus lectores saben! Todo lo que uno tiene que hacer es clic en el menú desplegable de la derecha en mi blog!

cvn70 said...


hey sorry to see this and i hope all things are going well with you. I know that blogging can wear you out at times

take care and be safe


Octavius said...

I miss you..., come back soon.

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