Nov 11, 2009

Please, Do not feed or tease the animals

That´s the message in all Zoos, "Don´t feed the animals", it is because the dietary control in those places is quite strict, otherwise we´d have morbidly obese animals at every one of these places -and I can´t imagine the sight of a fat gazelle or giraffe, although to thought of an obese elephant would not perturb my sleep-; besides if people were to start feeding them they´d do so all the time and animals´d become used to asking for food to every visitor they get. Would get up at the sight of a person wishfully thinking food is coming, and when they pass right in front of them without so much as a piece of a candy bar they might get upset, and for the love of me, wouldn´t like to see an upset bear -I´ve seen them "dancing" on bars and they aren´t really that good, but then again, different bears-.

Food is the nourishment of the body, but what really feeds us, what nourishes our souls, what replenishes our love for life, ourselves and the world, are hugs. Hugs lower blood pressure and increase the levels of the neurotransmitter known as Oxytocin, a hug strengthens one´s self-esteem, reassures you, makes you feel close to a person, dispels feelings of loneliness, fights fears, erases traces of doubt, clears your mind, casts-away sadness, brings a smile to your face, lets two hearts beat as one, dries your tears, shares the warmth of two bodies, crashes personal frontiers, replaces words, let´s you close your eyes and dream, dream about a better time, a better place, dream a dream about your loved one and let´s you share it with, right then and there with that one person that makes you feel like the world could end any moment and still you wouldn´t care, all the people around you disappears and time stops, and even if it´s for only one second, you know, you just know the world is yours.

Hugs are like crack to me, I become an addict obsessed with getting my next fix and nothing else matters to me until I get that need satisfied. I´m officially a Hugger Anonimous. I´m in a recovery state, can´t take no one´s hugs, for if today I get one, tomorrow I´ll need two, next day will be four and the day after sixteen, and so on. I´d become so obsessed with hugs I would no longer be interested in anything else, would not give a damn about anything but getting more of them, currently I´m more afraid of getting one than getting a ham-sandwich. So if you don´t want to see me like this



Aek said...

You know, it's been a long time since I last had a really good hug. :-/

I also find it difficult to sometimes hug "genuinely," like it feels awkward. It's a strange thing. Since I don't get hugs often I doubt this is something I'll get over in the near future.

Anonymous said...

This serious since you don't want them MORE then you don't want a ham sandwich

Anonymous said...

I don't mind serious hugs at all, the loving ones. The friendly hugs meaning a simple 'hi', creepy and uncomfy.
I consider hugs personal and tender, not something out of every day. Well that's probably just me.

So, you have hug-issues? Actually I think there are worse addictions out there... :)


Mr. Urs said...

I'm completely with Daniel on this.

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