Nov 15, 2009

Tijuana Makes Me Happy

Never been to Tijuana actually -way too far up north- but as they say if Mahoma doesn't go to the mountain, then the mountain will go to Mahoma -old mexican saying- which means a little Tijuana came to me, in the way of a concert which was really good, loved it so much I think everyone should listen to it a little at least

Electronic Mexican Music FTW.
Unfortunately the best looking guy around in the whole concert was... -without false modesty- well, yours truly, which makes me wonder which one is more true an affirmation, either I´m too good-looking or I go to the worst places ever to find a guy, and as I don´t think first option is right I´ll try and go to better places.
But that´s not all, on Thursday I got to see THE BAND, the rock n´roll band I´ve loved since I was a teenager with long hair and washed-out jeans -my jeans now are washed-out too but that´s because I wear them too hard, always running, crawling and on my knees (well, not as much as I used to now but...)- The band I love above all things, the one and only AC/DC and god do they still rock, had multiple rock-gasms the same night and if I were a smoker I think a cigar wouldn´t have been enough. So from the Black ice album, I give you "Rock n´Roll Train", which in MY humble opinion -though this post has been everything but humble- it´s one of their best songs b/c they remind me of how they usually played back in the days as opposed by the single "Black ice".

I know a huge difference between genres in music, but who cares. on that same day I´m proud to say I got my graduation picture, so now I have pictures of me wearing a toga with all my friends, which makes me think I´ve never been to a Toga party, wonder if people would attend to that one, so RSVP to me on that.
On bloggers´ news
-It´s sunday after all-
Found two new guys that are starting out, "Ron" how´s a friend to "Brett" :P, and "Ron" IS keeping score so if I were you I´d go there right now. And Ty who promises He´ll be doing tricks for us, I for once want to see that.
Also Pierre came out to his mom and you know, it takes a lot of guts to do that, so go Hi-five him a little, he deserves that and more. Also I haven´t been reading or writing as much as I´d wish, but bear with me a little, I´m ending a part of my life here with school ending and all so have to take some time off once in a while to get it done right, but I always read and appreciate your comments, You ROCK.
Tomorrow no school, no work, but also no gym :( but will have time to myself for a little while, hope I don´t get bored. That´s all for now, take care and Toga, yes? no? talk among yourselves.

Love to all


Tyler said...

how cute dzyan you should see my tricks. my music taste is all over the place too!

Just said...

lol Dzyan ... I get into trouble in Tijuana. Wait no will chat with ya .. about that later ... hope you get to have some more fun ... tomorrow ... Love Just

Brett said...

Well, I did listen a little - It just wasn't really my type of music.

Kinda catchy though-

Brett. =]

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