Feb 19, 2010

Crushed by the love

I´m overwhelmed, I mean, I am totally amazed by all the love everyone showed to me on my 100th post. Thank you all for all your kind comments, mails, tweets and congratulatory messages, if love weighted the same as a feather, I´d be crushed under the love you provide me.
So well, on that boyfriend of mine everyone seems so interested on knowing about wish things were doing better, ya, cause they are not doing as great as they should, the reason is that in a relationship things need to be talked over and we have talked about our expectations in a relationship and we are at an impasse. Now I´m known for being careless about relationships, never setting up ground-rules and just enjoying things as they come, but this time I want to do it "by the book" -well, what ever you want to call it, just want to make sure we look in the eye in the important parts of a relationship- I´ve never done it and I guess it just will prevent problems on the long run, but *sigh* what ever.

Anyways, whatever the outcome might be, it will be for the better, ´sides we´re good pals and right now I guess he needs a friend more than he needs a boyfriend. Thanks for reading and thanks for all your feedback.



Aek said...

I love that drawing there. :-D I wish both you and your boyfriend the best of luck in working out the minor issues between you two.

Sam said...

Bonne Chance!!

Gay Footballer said...

Hi Dyzan,
I've been reading your blog for awhile and really like it. I've recently started my own
and would be well pleased if you'd link to me. I've already linked to you.
Cheers Craig - wink wink

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