Feb 7, 2010

Like a rolling stone

I just love that -Bob Dylan´s- song... haha, anyways, I promised myself I would post what´s been going on in life, because changes are here, and are here to stay.

On school, classes began on Friday -well, not really they began on monday... two weeks ago, but I didn´t have any money for tuition, so after a few loans from don´t know who, hopefully not a drug dealer, but what do I know- hopefully for the last time, I´m already tired of the University and need to move on.

On work, this is my last week working as an LGBT counselor, which is sad but money is needed if I don´t want to end with broken legs.

On this blog, I haven´t been updating much because I leave really early to work and get home really late because of the gym, I´ve been spending there 4 hours daily and no, I´m not compensating anything or will pass-out from exhaustion, I only do like 2 hours of exercise but the fault is a guy´s really.

On a guy really, I met him two weeks ago in the gym, he´s from Spain -woot Spain!- and has a really cool story that I might tell you some other time, for now it´s enough to say that I went out with him yesterday to an old castle for him to know a little about the city and I know I love to show people around, we walked for about 15 km, on the 5 hours we saw each other under a scorching sun and I must say, there´s just something about him that draws me closer and makes him the first thought each morning when I wake up and the last when I go to bed and since today I didn´t see him, I can´t stop thinking about him. Oh, remember when I talked about someone not being around? yeah, it was him; what can I say? I really missed him. So yeah,  I´ve got a crush, which just has two kinds of outcomes, the crash and burn or the one where you get lifted to heaven, so right now I´m just taking it really slow for fear of any result, but if I´ve learned anything out of life is things won´t move unless you make them move, so I´ll make things move really soon. More as it develops, but I´ll just have to reach...
 Just a little higher

So that´s it for the time being, I´ll do another of this when something worth mentioning comes along, til then au revoir



Aek said...

Awww, I hope everything works out for you - in school, with a new job, and with "guy really." I hope your crush develops into something great. :-) No crashing and burning for you please!

Bi Like Me said...

good for you! sounds promising..good luck!

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