Feb 10, 2010

The beginning

Turn-off the light and feel my way into bed and there you are. Told you I wouldn´t let you spend the night alone, you were feeling a little sick, your back ached and had to make a long trip to sleep on your couch on that empty house, with nothing to eat but pears from a tree, I couldn´t let you go through all that, you opposed resistance but I had my mind into not letting you alone and I can be so persuasive, so I took you home, gave you something for the cold and warm clothes.

And there you are, waiting for me in the edge of my bed, you leave me no space to lay so I pushed you a little, pushed your body with mine, asked where it pained you, you took my hand and make me feel your body, I know we´ve always been comfortable around each other and you like me to feel you and I enjoy it too, you grab my hand and surround yourself with my arms.

Who would´ve known you wanted it as bad as I do.

We spend the night in each other´s arms, trying to sleep proves to be hard, but who wants to sleep when your dream is already becoming a reality? At this exact moment if I have any worries you silence them with the sound of your breathe. Your hands are hard and rough, just like mines, but I can´t stop enjoying when they run amok through my body while I caress your hair and start searching for your lips.

The kisses seem to never end and with each new kiss time stops around us and fireworks start to fire up in my eyes; darkness is no more as the night gets lit up by us two. And thus, the night came turns into day and I receive this new day with the best present of them all, you in my arms.

What will happen now? what will happen now? what ever the future might bring, I´m just glad I met you, you tender sweet Spanish lover.


Mr. Urs said...

Fantastic! But are you sure that a Spaniard is the right choice in the long run? (see more)

Aek said...

Awww, that's pretty sweet. :-) I hope everything's going well for ya.

slave #185-686-508 said...

Thats so sweet :)

MartininBroda said...

You deserve indeed some more joy in your live. So I'm glad reading this.

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