Feb 12, 2010

Hidden Kisses

First of all, I need to thank for everyone´s good wishes and comments on last post, I´ve titled it at last, I didn´t not because I couldn´t think of a good name, but I didn´t know what it was atm, but now I do :)

This whole week has been really cool, I now have a boyfriend I enjoy spending my evenings with. Although there is something new about it too. As some of you might know, last year I came out to everyone I could come-out to, my mom, my dad, my boss, my dog, my friends even my sister´s ferret, everything; since then I just stopped caring about people watching me "share some love" in public places, private places, anywhere really I just bother about not displaying love whenever I feel like it no matter who´s around.

On the other hand, Ángel -yeah, let´s call my boyfriend that- he doesn´t want anyone knowing about his sexual orientation -which I respect and wouldn´t make him do anything he doesn´t want to- so lately it´s been a real adventure stealing kisses and sneaking them in the shower room, the dressing room, dark streets, everywhere I  can, so it´s been a new experience, and I´ve found it really fun and exciting, there´s always the chance of getting caught, so it makes it really exciting, lol.
 Well that´s it for now, I´m  really sleepy from spending the afternoon with him, oh, and the working-out too, so I´ll see you later.



Mr. Urs said...

My angelito does also not like to display too much affection in public places, but he had this brilliant idea of a secret hand sign symbolising all possible kinds of affection.

Sam said...

This does seem like a exciting and fun experience!
Keep enjoying it, man!
I am happy for you :)

Aek said...

I'm glad you're having fun and enjoying having a new boyfriend. Best of luck to ya, but do sign online to chat every once in a while, okay? :-P

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