Feb 16, 2010

And this makes them 100!

Hello everyone, my name is Dzyan, I´m a 25 years old mexican and I no longer volunteer at an LGBT center, nope, not anymore, now I work here and get payed. I have a boyfriend and the mere thought of him makes me smile; people look at me in a weird way everyday because whenever I´m thinking of him I start talking with an accent that comes from the northern part of Spain -cause that´s where he´s from and I just love the way he talks- I´ve had ups and downs but my past is behind me now, suffice to say I´ve learned from my mistakes and I´m moving forward.

Up until last December I studied psychology, now I´m clearing my last few credits at school which stop me from moving forward. When time comes I want to study a Master´s degree about "Sex and Gender Differences" -but you never know for certain what the future holds for us-.

I´m the -now not so regular- writer of this blog. Almost 8 months ago I started writing about me and once I got over paranoid issues about people in my everyday life finding out my real thoughts, I was glad to start writing openly about me in the most open and honest way I could. This is a HUGE deed on itself, as I´ve always been a private person, have never cared for people and I´ve always been secretively as for the motives and reasons I do anything, people never get what I´m doing, but as Shakespeare once said "There is method in my madness".

Along the way of writing in this place, I met incredible people, they´ve been patient enough to me to stay all this time, some more have come, others have gone, some have gotten mad at me, some have advised me, but all of them have helped me become what I am today and for that I am ever so thankful.

This is my post number 100 and I know I wouldn´t have been able to survive all this time without this place and without all the people who´s been with me, for this I´m eternally grateful to you all; so here´s to you my beloved friends
bi Haikera_Baiketsu
The reason I write this introduction of sorts, is because, today, one hundred posts later, I´ve changed a lot, I´m more mature -or I´d like to think so-, more confident and happier about life, I´ve accepted myself as I am and have shared with so many people a little piece of our lives, now I open myself to people and welcome them in my life, it´s taken quite a lot of time and effort, but it´s been worth every single bruise and insult along the way, only thing I´m still wondering is: How much more changed will I be in a hundred more posts? only one way to find out... so stick around to find out, oh, and it wouldn´t hurt you to leave a comment. So see you later and once again, 



MartininBroda said...

Are you sure it wouldn´t hurt to leave a comment, maybe I write cruel things about you :-) No don't think so. You're sounding so hm "adult" in this post, hope I don't have to be worried :-) Enough lame jokes, I'm really glad you're sounding so good today, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the hundredth post and I'm glad everything is going great in your life!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100!!
Don't worry, I'll hang around to see the upcoming changes and posts of yours. But that's life right. We get wiser, our perspectives change. We change.


JP said...

Happy 100th Post!

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

YAY dude I am so glad that u are part of our world and that I get to read bout ur life. Ur one of my favs and I am always amped to read ur thoughts!

Can't wait for the next 100!


Octavius said...

It has been a singular pleasure watching all these changes in you. I am so glad that you finally found someone chap.

Here's to another hundred!

Hugs, Courage and Honour!


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Congrats on the first 100 and the job.

Seth said...


*Sethboyardee Special Congratulatory Hugs*


Aek said...

Congrats on reaching 100, that's quite a milestone. :-P I was kind of hoping for a "100 facts about Dzyan" but this post'll do, hehe.

JerreB said...

I haven't been around that long, but I've become an ardent follower. I'm usually a couple of days behind so I don't post much...

Congrats on reaching 100!


Sam said...

Happy 100th Anniversary!

Congrats for ur job and ur bf!
Looking forward to the next hundreds of posts...


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