Aug 23, 2010

My biggest fear

I know it´s been a while, sorry about that, my life is turning to weird places, I have a huge mess going on in my head about what is it I´m doing in the future and have to admit I´m not taking it well.

Now, as for the title, I would want to tell you my two biggest and most horrible fears, both of them might make you laugh for they are actually quite idiotic on any standard, I know this, but there´s a reason why they are called phobias, they are an unreasonable fear.

One of this -and I have to admit it´s rather shameful to admit it- is I suffer from Telephobia, that is a fear for taking or receiving phone calls, no really, I am totally scared about it and I don´t know why!

My second fear is not more reasonable but I do know it´s origin, I am afraid of making a birthday party. As to the origin of this fear is quite easy, whenever I had a birthday party when I was a kid I was left completely alone waiting for everyone to arrive, of course that never happened. So I´ve tried to avoid making birthday parties ever since I´m 12 years old, so I can avoid the feeling of failure.

Now as the reason of this post is quite easy, I´ve been planning on making a birthday party on saturday, I´m quite anxious about whether I should have it or not, don´t want to be left alone again, I think  now I know enough people to have a half decent party but I don´t know :( well, we´ll see how this plays out.


Aek said...

:-( I hope this time everything goes as planned and more!!

If I were there, I wouldn't miss your b-day party for the world. :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually I know lots of people who would really rather not make phone calls - or even answer them. They'll engineer things to get someone else to make that call. I'm sure you're not alone in that one!

And as for nobody turning up - you could try asking a very best friend (or two) to help with the late arrangements so as to have their company for a good while before anyone else is expected. Just a thought.

But, you know? I hate people who are coming to lunch or dinner; they ask what time they should arrive, you tell them, you arrange everything on the assumption they'll turn up with a few minutes of the time you said - and then they're half an hour late! I could scream!

LB said...

Will you put up pictures :)?? I'd love to see them!!!

I think you should do the birthday party, I'm sure the success it becomes will help you soothe the anxiety, I've tried "facing" my fears and it's worked to some extent to at least reduce the panic so from psychologist to psychologist you should go for it babe ;)

Austin said...

Your birthday is *your* day. That means spending it how *you* want to. If that means a party, then your friends owe it to you to have a party. If that means escaping to some far-off destination (which is what my birthdays usually mean), they owe you acceptance of that.

If you want to throw a party, throw it. Get them to commit to showing up. But don't leave it until the last minute or people won't be able to change plans and make it. If you want to do it, do it *right*.

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