Aug 28, 2010

My birthday party

Considering all the events that took place tonight only one think comes to mind and that one is "I´ve had a perfectly lovely evening. Unfortunately, it wasn´t this one.

I´m just getting home from sitting in an empty table reserved for the 10 people out of the 90 guests that received an invitation, 10 people confirmed their presence and one by one they all made a last minute call to cancel my birthday party. One by one the people I trusted the most, those I wanted to see most in an important day to me, they all canceled. I guess that after 26 years I´d have learned, don´t know why I keep trying.

I won´t say it didn´t hurt being kept waiting for people that never arrived, you get to grow used to the feeling however I don´t think anyone should. Don´t know what to say, I´m just depressed and feel real bad, anyways, have a good night.


Aek said...

:-( That REALLY sucks. You don't back out of a commitment like that. ::HUGS::

MartininBroda said...

OMG I'm so sorry for you, can't think how I could bear something like that. *Hugs*

Drew said...

I'm soooo sorry!

soup! said...

I've never commented before, but I thought I should seeing as i've been in a similar situation before. It's an awful feeling :( and what they did was horrible D:
I hope you're feeling a little better now *hug*

LB said...

I'm sorry sweetie :( I hope you're feeling a little better now.

Anonymous said...

i am so late with this comment but it will be ok love and i know it sucks but it will be and congratz on the b day you havent been murdered yet thats something Love<~Peter~>

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