Jul 28, 2009

Where introductions are made

So as you can see, I have no manners at all for I have not introduced myself, People have called me fagot, queen, queer, poofter even, and that doesn't change who I am one bit, My real name is Fernando -Fer for short- I'm 24 and I love my life. I live with my parents, my brother and sister in Mexico city, I'm a Mexican born and bred though my forefathers came mainly from Spain and England and there's also Caribbean pirates in there so I don't look like your typical Mexican guy. I'll finally begin my last term at the university next month and so I will become a licensed psychologist. I also teach English as a second language and learn German and French as a hobby, spending my little spare time working out and hanging with my friends.

I just came out of the closet, told my parents I have had boyfriends and girlfriends, they took it rather well, or so I thought, my father has developed a problem with his blood pressure because he worries himself sick every time I went out with my boyfriend. My parents and I have had some troublesome years because I didn't want them to know I am bisexual, so I pushed them away from my life and they didn't know a thing about me until last month so I finally gathered confidence and told them, since then things have run smoothly, I no longer keep them in the dark and they don't hassle me with questions of where I am and who I'm with (I think they are using the "don't ask what you don't want to know" technique which actually suits me).

My last boyfriend is Charly and he's not only my ex, he's also the principal in charge of the psychology department at the university where I study, so it will get interesting once school starts next term because he will also be teaching me one class, (hope that doesn't get awkward), either way school is still one month away, and he's the nicest guy, he found out I was feeling lonely on Sunday so he called me on my cellphone to ask me if I wanted him to quit his vacations and come see me and talk, I told him how nice he was to me even now and thanked him but couldn't accept that, he'll be back tomorrow and I don't know if he'll try to contact me but right now I just need to be alone for a while.

I've rambled too much, so that's all for now, right now I have to hit the gym and try not to think in how I hurted Charly and myself along the way.


Seth said...

Hey. Just starting to follow you.

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