Jul 27, 2009

So... I'm depressed

I know it's not the most exciting title, but at least it's the most honest one. I don't feel good, and to be quite honest I have not felt good for while, what's the problem? you may ask interested, the answer however is as dull and cliché as there ever will be: I broke up with my boyfriend, of course, this was last week which to be quite honest didn't struck him as a surprise and I started feeling better once an ex came over and offered me his support (now, as I say support I mean he listened at me, he told me everything will be OK and then let me fuck him, yup, which was pretty wood... I mean good, hehe), however, as he is alone right and so am I, I foolishly thought he was interested in something more than just sex, BIG mistake.

I don't have that great deal of experience with relationships, when I broke up with my first girlfriend I took some time off to be with myself (I hate to admit it, but those where some pretty lonely 6 years), OK, maybe I took waaaay too much time, I was scared of being hurt again, so that really hindered my experience with all the dating scene.

So I was happy thinking that something might happen with my ex and me, until we talked yesterday and he told me it was a one time deal, because he's trying to begin a relationship with someone else, I don't blame him, I totally understand him, however I felt heartbroken before, and now I'm heartbroken and rejected and I hate that. I'm normally a cheerful guy which looks at "the bright side of life" as the song goes, but right now I'm feeling pretty down for the count.


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