Mar 27, 2010

I need a break from this

No, not a break from my blog -I´ve taken a break for too long for that- I need a break from my heartbreak.

However before anything might happen I want to thank to everyone for their kind comments, their mails and love  all got to me and made me feel so much better.

Here´s what has happened, my bf and I, we talked things over, really really fast as he as always had no time to waste, I understand him though, and knowing that he´s got too much going on atm and I had to let him go -why people say that? it´s  not as if he wanted to go, he just had to- it´s a not the right moment kinda thing and what I want is someone that shows a little interest, maybe just want not to feel indifference out of him, maybe I´m the one that´s imagining these kind of stuff, however I wasn´t feeling like living with that, don´t know if I make any sense.

So lately I´ve been feeling really down, on Friday I decided not to go to work, one of the greatest things about working with gay people is we get depression days, haha, kinda funny if you think about it, guess I found just the fitting place for me to work. I know I´ll be OK given time, right now I just want to be alone.

And to say goodbye to this guy that wasn´t supposed to be with me at this moment, the only song I like from Green day as it makes me feel all tingly inside every time I listen to it

Green Day - Time Of Your Life
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Aek said...


I'm sorry things had to end the way they did with your bf. It sounds like it's for the better though. I hope things get better for you!!


Mr. Urs said...


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