Jun 11, 2010

A quickie

It´s here at last, the long awaited and always belated: Update time!!

So the reason of the delay in my updates is basically, I´ve got nothing so important to update about, or do I? Nope, not really, but I´ll put you up to date nonetheless; been doing the same old, going to interviews, being disappointed in the slavery conditions people want me to work in -I´m not kidding, a 12 hours shift six days a week with minimum wage and no other income is nothing to laugh about, well I did in the face of the HR manager any ways, so that´s a job I´m not going to get-. A good chance does present itself every once in a while and I take advantage of those few occasions; right now a big opportunity is open to me, however as anything that´s worth something in this life, it won´t be easy to get, need to give a presentation about Assertiveness to a bunch of managers and the CEO, afterwards got an interview with some international hot shot I´ll be working for, so this weekend will be studying and working time for me.

Oh, the position, I decided I´ve got a lot to give as a teacher, so now I´m applying for the facilitator role in big companies, I mean, I´m pretty good doing presentations and moderating groups, I´m quite convincing and got a really good presence, so I´ll be doing my best job, I´m nervous though, gotta do my best effort and WOW everyone in the room.

So that´s basically it, well, I do need to thank people for their support, it does mean a lot to me, even when I haven´t been updating much you stick by me, THANKS!!

Gotta go do some work and tease some friends, lol. See you around



Aek said...

Hurray! Great to see an update from ya. :-)

I hope everything goes well!!

MartininBroda said...

My best wishes for getting the new job Dzyan :-)

M. Alan (midwest) said...

it's good to see you post an update again and i hope that you get the facilitator job your seeking.

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