Sep 12, 2010

When you hear the calling....

Yes, I know, I´ve been far away for too long and I apologize, I´m much ashamed because I had to thank everyone for their kind words towards me, on mails, tweets and comments, I appreciate it so much, was feeling really sad but you have helped me to bounce right back up, and I hadn´t thank you, so ashamed of myself.

As for why I´ve been so idle on my blog is quite easy, as you know for the last four months I´ve been struggling to find a job inside a company -which I haven´t gotten yet- and was getting a little bit desperate about not doing anything with my life, however thanks to the support of some friends, teachers and -of course- my parents I decided what I wanted to do.

You see, a few years ago when I started studying psychology I was so in love with the idea of actually Practicing my career, dreamed of the day I¨d be finally able to sit with someone and talk about their problems and actually doing something to help people. Then, after a couple of years in the university, after some boring classes and after some teachers that have made it their personal goal to crush people´s dreams, career expectations and kill all the fun in the process I kinda got lost and forgot what was the whole career choice about, that is until I remembered.

I admit it makes me real anxious to start from scrap, knowing no one in the whole health-care industry and being myself a freshly graduated psychologist, and it´s been a constant swimming against common paradigms that I start as a consulting professional, I thought I would get a job doing some human resources job for a big company while I got enough money to start my business and start studying a master´s degree, but today I think I can start from where I am, I mean, got the knowledge and the passion for it, it will be a matter of hard work before I start getting any kind of good money, but I´m in no rush. Whole past week I´ve been doing some major reconstruction to get my office set in a nice part of town where I can share with an uncle for a couple of days a week while doing something else to get my name around in the field, I could use some suggestions though, so feel free to give me some advice to start my own private practice, pretty please.

So anyways, I¨m so happy for I once thought "when I´m able to give consultation" and today I am capable of saying "I ALREADY CAN!".



Mr. Urs said...

Great, Mexico DF is facing a new dimension of superb consultation dedicated to EXCELLENCE! Congrats!!!

MartininBroda said...

Congrats Dzyan & good luck :-)

Aek said...

Woah, sounds like a huge undertaking! Good luck!!!

Nic said...

There were many times during our conversations on skype where I thought to myself I had crossed a boundary. Like when I got too personal. Talked about your family, your sister, your bf, your job, your feelings. And every time you were very calm and never gave me the impression that there was any topic I could not talk about with you.

I guess that's what makes a good counselor. :-)
I KNOW you will succeed.

Seth said...

Hey Dzyan, long time no see, I hope everything is going well for you.

Feliz Navidad (I hope I'm spelling that right) and happy holidays!!


Dzyan said...

Thank you so much Seth, you´re spelling it just great, don´t know why you still care about me after so long without even a word but gotta tell you, I send you a huge hug and a whole bunch of love this christmas!! I´m so lucky to count you as my friend thank you!

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